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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an environment friendly energy source with many positive benefits. Petromax LPG, to meet the growing demand of the energy sector in Bangladesh, is here with LPG Import, Storage, Bottling and nationwide Distribution services for your everyday convenience.
Youth Group has initiated this grand new venture as a part of their ongoing business diversification initiative. For the last 38 years, Youth Group has grown up to be a well reputed name in RMG, Power and Energy Sector and has greatly contributed to the economic development of the country.

Corporate AV

vision and mission

our vision:

Partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh.


our mission:

Reliable and uninterrupted supply of energy to the whole country partnering with the government. Optimum utilization of resources and innovative technology to achieve highest growth. Triple bottom line view of doing business caring for people and planet while generating profit

corporate overview

The history of YOUTH GROUP can be stretched back to early Eighties. A group of visionary and dynamic individuals with their capable hands started the venture. Throughout several years, by delivering excellence to the stakeholders, the group has now become one of the most diversified business conglomerate of the country. The family grows with time as the business extends. The Youth Group, with 16 thousand personnel, is now waving their flag in all areas including textile, oil refineries, private sector power generation, LP gas bottling-marketing and many more. 'Youth Tower' in capital Dhaka is the nucleus of the group. All of the activities operate from here. Expert management and devoted staffs are the unsung heroes of our successful adventure. Therefore company is fully committed to the employees. For increasing their skills, providing a safe and sound working environment is the first priority of the company.

board of directors


Rezakul Haider, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rezakul Haider aged 60 is the Founder Chairman of the Group. After completing his graduation from University of Chittagong, he has started his career as a businessman dated back from 1982. With a long experience of 34 years, he has established himself as a seasoned Industrialist of different sectors like Readymade Garments, Textile, Apparel, Energy and Power Generation. Sensing the urge of the contribution for the development of the society Mr. Haider has extended his footsteps in school,university and different social welfare organization by his direct participation and generous donations.Mr. Haider has travelled many places throughout the Globe including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Srilanka, India, Pakistan to enrich his knowledge and experience in Trade and Business.

Feroz Alam, Managing Director

Feroz Alam, aged 60 years, Managing Director of the Company. He has completed his graduation from University of Chittagong and engaged himself in business. With his true vision and strong leadership quality he has attained the ultimate success in the business arena of the country. Starting with apparel and textile industry vertical to beverage, Private Power Generation and petrochemical industry, he has proved his capacity in building strong footings in all diversified fields. He possesses the expertise of managing manufacturing, marketing and finance area. Mr. Alam is very much keen to different technical aspects of the business. He always keeps himself updated by studying different development aspects of technical issues. He has been subscribing all related journals, magazine, whitepapers and other publications habitually and keeps himself updated with the continuously changing global business environment. Mr. Alam has extended his steps in School, University and different social welfare organization by his direct participation and generous donations. Extensive business tours in many countries, including America, Japan, Korea, China, India, Germany, U.K, Australia, Italy, France, Austria, Saudi Arab, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan, Holland and many other countries, have given him an inbuilt power to visualize and foresee the changes in business trends in future which enables him to take strategic decisions & diversifications in business ventures to keep the investment safe and secured. Mr. Alam has been an extra ordinary Business character in the contemporary business and industrial arena of the Country.



Youthbd is a private company that operates with integrity. Our Board of Directors ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight to determine the company’s overall strategy and actively contributes to the development of the company. With internal and external representation, the Board is comprised of accomplished leaders with varied backgrounds whose precise knowledge and experience support the Board as a whole to conform the interests of employees and other stakeholders.


Anis Salahuddin Ahmad


akbor haider


Faridul Alam


Faisal Alam


Asgar Haider


nafis kamal

group concerns

Midland East Power Ltd.

Petromax Cylinders Limited

Youth Fashions Ltd.

Midland Power Co. Ltd.

Petromax Refinery Ltd

Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd.

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd


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