• 12 Kg Cylinder- valve sizes 20 mm & 22 mm
  • 35 Kg Cylinder- valve size 22 mm
  • Two different color to identify valve size.

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Safety is our priority

UK HSE Department approved world's most stringent specification standard US DOT 4BA 240 is followed for 12 kg cylinder manufacturing & DOT 4BW 240 for 35 kg cylinder according to Department of Explosives, Bangladesh
The manufacturing facility's quality control & assurance process is accredited by ISO 9007:2075 Quality Management System
Imported UL, EN or ISO certified valve
Safety relief valve with leak proof needle
Prime quality cylinder steel materials imported from Japan
Cylinder outer body thickness 2.65 mm for 12kg & 3.00 mm for 35 kg
Hydrostatic, physical, weld tests are made as prescribed in DOT-4BA (HSE)
Zinc metallization & electrostatic polyester based powder coating paint to avoid rusting & ensure durability
Each cylinder stamped with MFG date & re test date
Cylinder carried out with branded safety cap & security seal

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