The Cost of LPG: 12 KG, 35 KG LPG Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is in the first phase of adapting LPG as its primary fuel. Due to the government declaration and bad supply of pipeline-based natural gas, LPG is getting popular. But can you afford LPG? That’s a question that you may have!

In the consumer market of LPG, we see many sizes of cylinders from many LPG brands. Some of those are produced keeping the household in mind, some are for commercial use. Apart from that, brands also sell bulk LPG to industries.

So, if you are looking for an LPG solution for your household or business, you are in the right spot. In this article, we will discuss the cost of LPG while primarily focusing on 12 kg and 35 kg LPG cylinder price in Bangladesh.

Apart from that, we will also help you choose the right cylinder size for you according to your LPG needs. Choosing the perfect cylinder size variant for you will give you better efficiency and make sure that your money isn’t wasted.

Different LPG Cylinder Sizes

35 KG LPG Cylinder Price In Bangladesh

As the natural gas distribution got weaker, the LPG market has expanded rapidly. More than 30 companies are now competing in the growing LPG industry of Bangladesh. New entrants are also encouraged by the government.

In this highly competitive market, differentiating LPG brands is tough. That is why companies have tried to cater to different consumer groups by introducing different cylinder sizes. This idea has given us, the consumers, selection power.

Consumers can buy LPG in thirteen different cylinder size variants in the country. The size variants are 5.5 kg, 12 kg, 12.5 kg, 15 kg, 16 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg, 22 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 33 kg, 35 kg, and 45 kg.

Cylinders up to 25 kg are primarily targeted towards people who will put the LPG to household use. And, 30 kg to 45 kg variants are mainly produced keeping commercial use in mind.

However, it all boils down to your consumption requirements. According to your needs, you may want to get a bigger cylinder and that’s fine. Later in the article, we will try to logically guide you to choose the right LPG size for you.

The LPG Price Fiasco

Let us guess how you ended up here. You probably wanted to know the price of different LPG cylinders. So, you searched up terms like 12 kg gas cylinder price in BD, 35 kg LPG cylinder price in Bangladesh, or something similar.

The cost of LPG used to vary from brand to brand previously. However, due to price hikes and market instability, some price regulations have been imposed by the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC).

To popularize the use of LPG and keep the price within reach of the general mass, BERC first regulated the price of the LPG in April 2021. The price was regulated keeping the Saudi CP prices in mind.

For May and June 2021, the price of LPG was slashed again by 7% each month. That was good news for consumers but the companies faced difficulties to provide LPG at the regulated price due to the high cost of raw materials.

Now, let’s answer the initial query you had about the price of the cylinders. However, talking about all thirteen LPG cylinder sizes together may get confusing. So, we focused more on cylinder sizes that are high in demand.

We have opted to talk about the 12 kg and 35 kg LPG cylinder price in Bangladesh separately. These cylinder sizes are the most commonly purchased ones. However, later we would talk about the others in brief as well.

12 KG Gas Cylinder Price in BD

If you ever went to buy or refill an LPG cylinder, the first size that you spotted must be 12 kg cylinders. These are produced in a compact shape keeping household use in mind. Thus, these are easy to use and move around.

As of September 2021, the 12 kg cylinder refills are sold by the retailers at around BDT 1100-1200 depending on the location. And if you are buying LPG for the first time, a 12 kg package will cost you around BDT 2000-2100.

The price seems to be quite consumer-friendly given that the demand for 12 kg LPG cylinders is now more than ever.

The 12 kg cylinders are undoubtedly the most common cylinder size. It is seen to be used everywhere from the homes of people to small and medium restaurants, tea stalls. So, manufacturers produce this particular size more.

Every LPG manufacturing company has either 12 kg or 12.5 kg weighted cylinders in their product line. If you want to buy a particular brand, we would recommend trying Petromax as it is one of the best ones out there.

35 KG LPG Cylinder Price In Bangladesh

This cylinder size is mostly used at the commercial level. As the need for LPG is higher in the commercial arena than in households, a 35 kg cylinder is a good choice. It has relatively less hassle of refilling due to higher capacity.

For September 2021, a 35 kg LPG cylinder price in Bangladesh is sitting around at BDT 3000-3200, if you need a refill.

The price is well inside the purchasing power of small and medium businesses as they are the main target for this cylinder size. However, if you need to purchase a 35 kg LPG package, you have to pay around BDT 4600-4800.

The 35 kg SKU has become accessible to more businesses over the time. Thus, we are expecting to see more small and medium businesses using LPG for their daily needs instead of pipelined natural gas.

The 35 kg cylinder is also a common size for every LPG manufacturer. To cater to commercial needs, this cylinder size is more or less a mandatory category. We again recommend you to get Petromax if you want to buy a 35 kg LPG cylinder.

Other LPG Cylinder Prices in BD

best gas cylinder 35kg and 12kg

As LPG is getting widely adopted, the need for different cylinder sizes is increasing. So, many companies have started to produce a variety of cylinder sizes to be able to grab users who have different LPG needs.

Apart from the commonly purchased 12 kg and 35 kg LPG cylinder sizes, there are eleven more. Some are close to 12 kg and 35 kg; for example 12.5 kg and 33 kg LPG cylinders. But most are very different from the common ones.

In this section of the article, we will cover the uses as well as the prices of other different LPG cylinder sizes. Depending on what size meets your requirement better, you may find this information section very useful.

5.5 KG LPG Cylinder

This is the smallest cylinder size in which you can purchase LPG from the Bangladeshi LPG market. If you want an instant backup for your pipelined gas for desperate times, you may get this one. It is quite inexpensive.

Not many LPG manufacturers produce 5.5 kg LPG cylinders. So, your choice will be limited if you want to buy this. The current market price for a 5.5 kg LPG cylinder refill for September 2021 is approximately BDT 500-600.

16 KG LPG Cylinder

This is a small step upsize from 12 kg cylinders. If you have a large household, you may want to consider it. 16 kg cylinders are not much bigger than 12 kg ones. It is fairly compact and can be moved around very easily.

As of September 2021, refill for a 16 kg LPG cylinder can be purchased at a price of BDT 1500-1600. This can be a great alternative to 12 kg cylinders if you want to settle with a cylinder for a bit longer time.

20 KG LPG Cylinder

This is what you can call a medium size LPG cylinder. This size can easily cater to small local restaurants that need LPG pretty often. However, if you have a big family or your gas consumption is a bit high, you may consider it.

The current market price of a 20 kg LPG refill as of September 2021 sits around BDT 1850-2000. Many frontline companies in the LPG industries are very keen to produce 20 kg cylinders as the popularity of this SKU has increased.

25 KG LPG Cylinder

This 25 kg cylinder size is the perfect middle ground between the most commonly purchased two sizes. It is the sweet point that both households, as well as businesses, can get benefitted from.

For September 2021, the market price for a 25 kg LPG cylinder refill stands at somewhere between BDT 2250-2400. Similar to the 20 kg variant, you can use this in your home if you have a big family. Small restaurants can use these too for their service.

30 KG LPG Cylinder

This is one of the higher-capacity LPG cylinders that are made for commercial purposes. It can be used as a substitute for 35 kg cylinders if needed. Small or midsize businesses that use LPG in daily operations may be the customer here.

The market price of a 30 kg LPG cylinder refill for the month of September 2021 is approximately BDT 2650-2800. Not many manufacturers make 30 kg cylinders as they already produce 35 kg ones for commercial use purposes.

45 KG LPG Cylinder

If you seek LPG cylinders for commercial purposes, these 45 kg ones are the largest size that you will find in the market. If you need more than 45 kg regularly for your business operations, you may look for industrial suppliers.

Want to get a 45 kg LPG cylinder refill as of September 2021, you may need to pay around BDT 3800-4000 depending on the location. The 45 kg cylinders have become quite a common SKU nowadays. So, you can find it everywhere.

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Different Types LPG Solutions

Different Types LPG Solutions

The LPG industry in Bangladesh is evolving very fast. After the govt. declared it as the primary fuel, many businesses and industries have shifted to LPG for energy generation. This has sharply increased the demand for LPG.

Even the LPG manufacturers are providing more LPG solutions than they had previously. They are producing LPG for household, commercial, and industrial use. Their involvement and commitment towards autogas are also admirable.


This is probably the most common area of LPG use that we experience. The shortage of pipeline-based natural gas has forced many households to adapt to LPG as an alternative solution.

LPG cylinders from 5.5 kg to 25 kg are mainly targeted towards household use.


To cater to the commercial space, LPG companies in Bangladesh are producing high-capacity LPG cylinders. Almost all the major LPG manufacturers in Bangladesh have commercial LPG solutions.

LPG cylinders from 30 kg to 45 kg are primarily targeted towards commercial use.


LPG manufacturers are providing bulk LPG solutions to big industries. This LPG supply is provided in the form of cylinder banks and cylinder bulk storage. Petromax is one of the leading industrial LPG providers in Bangladesh.


For automobile use, LPG is being rebranded and served as Autogas. More vehicles than ever are switching to Autogas and it is becoming very popular. That is why leading LPG companies in Bangladesh are investing more into it.


LPG is undoubtedly the future of fuel. So, being an early adopter of it should be beneficial for you. In the upcoming years, we expect to see a revolution in the energy sector of Bangladesh due to the expansion of LPG-based projects.

That being said, we have reached the end of this article. If you were seeking the current 12 kg and 35 kg LPG cylinder price in Bangladesh, we hope we could give it to you. We wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.

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