Our Mission

Reliable and uninterrupted supply of energy to the whole country partnering with the government. Optimum utilization of resources and innovative technology to achieve highest growth. Triple bottom line view of doing business caring for people and planet while generating profit

Our Vision

Partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Petromax LPG is the first company to get the 1st operator license by fulfilling all the criteria of LPG business.

Petromax LPG Terminal, Mongla

Petromax LPG has started its operation since 2018 with the vision- partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh. Petromax LPG main terminal is located in Mongla, Khulna with state-of-the-art LPG import, storage, bottling, & distribution facilities. To serve the largest distribution networks across the nation Petromax LPG has 5500 MT storage facility in Mongla & a fully automated & high-capacity filling system.

This plant is fully equipped with advanced machinery imported from Belgium & Germany. Also, it has proudly secured Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence approved safety plan & world class firefighting system.

Petromax LPG storage tanks are connected to the automatic filling machine through a pipeline. The empty cylinders are unloaded on the conveyor belt and then input to the weightage system and transferred to the carousel filling line in a row. By 24-cylinder filling port, each cylinder is filled in a fully automated filling System. Safety caps and safety seals are then fitted. After all the process is completed, these LPG-filled cylinders go to the loading area and from there the cylinders move to different areas of the country.

Petromax LPG Terminal, Dhaka

Petromax LPG has succeeded to build its brand value in this industry within a short period of time and expanding in the LPG industry. With the consequence, Petromax LPG Dhaka plant started operation in 2019 & is located in Rupganj, Narayanganj. Petromax LPG Dhaka Plant has a state-of-the-art 1020 MT mounded LPG storage.

This plant is fully equipped with advanced machinery imported from Turkey & a fully automated & high-capacity filling system with 10-million-cylinder bottling capacity annually. To ensure proper safety, easy handling & loading of LPG-filled cylinders to the distribution trucks, only Petromax LPG Dhaka plant has the telescopic conveyor belt which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. 

Petromax Cylinders Limited

Petromax Cylinders Limited is a state-of-the-art international standard cylinder manufacturing plant at Tangail with a capacity of 1,100,000 units per year. Petromax Cylinders brought its technology & machineries from Turkey & Italy to ensure more automated work process. Petromax Cylinders follow UK approved world’s most stringent specification standard US DOT 4BA 240 for 12 KG cylinder & US DOT 4BW 240 for 35 kg cylinders manufacturing. It has it’s own quality assurance lab.

LPG Vessel

Petromax LPG Owns 2 LPG ships of 600 MT capacity for transporting LPG in bulk to uphold the rising demand. Petromax LPG ship has 38mm shell plate thickness which also can carry propane only. Using the advantage of Bangladesh river channels incessant and safe LPG is being transported to the Petromax LPG Mongla and Dhaka plant. As a result, the plant operation is being operated swiftly and the supply chain of Petromax LPG meets its accuracy.

Petromax LPG ships also got the Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), an international ship classification and certification for maintaining safety, environment protection and tackling issues affecting the maritime industry.

Road Tankers

For nationwide smooth distribution of bulk LPG in Petromax LPG Limited authorized Autogas Stations and Industrial Clients, Petromax LPG has LPG Road Tankers with 18MT capacity. Delivery of bulk LPG is being made within 12 hours inside Dhaka city and places around Dhaka. The lpg tankers are directly imported from Turkey with European standard & the mass flow meters used with it ensure accuracy and resolution of flow rate measurement.

Distribution Trucks

To meet LPG cylinder demand for households & commercial in nationwide market, Petromax LPG has several LPG cylinders carrying trucks for smooth and regular delivery. Using these cylinders carrying trucks, LPG cylinders are being carried from Petromax Cylinders Limited, Tangail to Petromax LPG Regional Distribution Centers, Dhaka and Mongla Plants.


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