About Us

The history of YOUTH GROUP can be stretched back to the early Eighties. A group of visionary and dynamic individuals with their capable hands started the venture. Throughout several years, by delivering excellence to the stakeholders, the group has now become one of the most diversified business conglomerates in the country. The family grows with time as the business extends. The Youth Group, with 16 thousand personnel, is now waving its flag in all areas including textile, oil refineries, private sector power generation, LP gas bottling-marketing, and many more. ‘Youth Tower’ in the capital Dhaka is the nucleus of the group. All of the activities operate from here. Expert management and devoted staffs are the unsung heroes of our successful adventure. Therefore the company is fully committed to the employees. For increasing their skills, providing a safe and sound working environment is the first priority of the company.

Our Mission

Reliable and uninterrupted supply of energy to the whole country partnering with the government. Optimum utilization of resources and innovative technology to achieve highest growth. Triple bottom line view of doing business caring for people and planet while generating profit

Our Vision

Partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh.

Board of Directors

Youthbd is a private company that operates with integrity. Our Board of Directors ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight to determine the company’s overall strategy and actively contributes to the development of the company. With internal and external representation, the Board is comprised of accomplished leaders with varied backgrounds whose precise knowledge and experience support the Board as a whole to conform the interests of employees and other stakeholders.

Late Rezakul Haider

Founder Chairman

Mr. Rezakul Haider is the Founder Chairman of the Group. After completing his graduation from University of Chittagong, he started his career as a businessman dated back from 1982. With a long experience of 34 years, he established himself as a seasoned Industrialist of different sectors like Readymade Garments, Textile, Apparel, Energy and Power Generation. Sensing the urge of the contribution for the development of the society Mr. Haider extended his footsteps in school, university and different social welfare organization by his direct participation and generous donations. Mr. Haider travelled many places throughout the Globe including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Srilanka, India, Pakistan to enrich his knowledge and experience in Trade and Business.

Late Feroz Alam

Founder Managing Director

Feroz Alam is one of the founders and Managing Director of the Group. He completed his graduation from University of Chittagong and engaged himself in business. With his true vision and strong leadership quality he attained the ultimate success in the business arena of the Country. Starting with apparel and textile industry vertical to beverage, Private Power Generation and petrochemical industry he proved his capacity in building strong footings in all diversified fields. He inherently possessed the expertise of managing manufacturing, marketing and finance area.

Mr. Alam was very much keen to different technical aspects of the business. He used to keep himself updated by studying different development aspects of technical issues. Also, he used to subscribe all related journals, magazine, whitepapers and other publications habitually and keep himself updated with the continuously changing global business environment. Mr. Alam extended his steps in School, University and different social welfare organization by his direct participation and generous donations. Extensive business tours in many countries, including America, Japan, Korea, China, India, Germany, U.K, Australia, Italy, France, Austria, Saudi Arab, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan, Holland and many other countries had given him an inbuilt power to visualize and foresee the changes in business trends in future which, used to enable him to take strategic decisions and diversifications in business ventures to keep the investment safe and secured. Mr. Alam had been an extra ordinary Business character in the contemporary business and industrial arena of the Country.

Anis Salahuddin Ahmad

Chairman of the Board

Anis Salahuddin Ahmad is the Chairman of the company. Mr. Anis received his higher diploma from Italy and Jakarta and upon return briefly joined the hospitality industry. In 1986, Mr.Ahmad joined a garments buying house and in that capacity started traveling extensively to Europe and the Far East. This helped him gain substantial experience and insight of the trade. Mr. Anis forayed into the business arena in 1996 and joined Youth Group of Companies. Over the years Mr. Anis built a prolific business career by dint of his dynamic engagement in textile trading and other manufacturing businesses. He sits on the board of Australian International School and Islamic Finance and Investment Limited. Mr. Anis is a renowned philan-thropist and is associated with many social welfare organizations and activities. A strong sense of discipline and ethics are the guiding principles of Mr. Anis’ business philosophy.

Akbor Haider

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Akbor Haider, has joined as the Vice Chairman of the Company. He is a business graduate and completed his MBA. He has started his career with engaging himself in Ready Made Garment and textile sector. He is the proud sponsor and member of the Board of Directors of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd (CCKL) a state of the art facility exporting around 40 Million Pcs of garments per year. With the progress of his service, he encompasses himself with every functional units i.e. production, commercial, finance, marketing and other related activities of the industry. His strong aspirations drive himself engaging in power generation, oil refinery and downstream market dynamics of energy products in Bangladesh. His role was very much instrumental to reach the brand PETROMAX as an LP Gas company across the country. He continuously travel many countries across the Globe to leverage on the long standing relations with Retail Giants and identify prospect for new business opportunity. Mr. Haider is very well known for his sportsmanship and passion for culture. He has been the host of several corporate football leagues in the corporate arena of Bangladesh. He currently holds oce as the member of the Board of Directors of Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd. and member of the Audit Committee

Faridul Alam

Managing Director

Faridul Alam has recently assumed the position of Managing Director of the Company. He has been generously admired as one of the youngest entrepreneurs within the corporate arena of the Country. His legacy starts with engaging himself in the Ready-Made Garment and textile sector. He has played a key role in the overall operation and supply chain of the business. Mr. Alam adapted himself to the business culture very quickly and starts delivering results. He stepped into the private power generation business by becoming one of the sponsors of Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd. (SPCL) in 2007

He becomes one of the sponsors of Petromax Refinery Ltd (PRL) the lone privately owned condensate fractionation plant of the country at the time of its inception. He, in particular, was able to harvest a lot of technical issues of the petrochemical industry due to his commitment and enthusiasm to this sector. His area of service was especially included but not limited to the selection of the appropriate type of feedstock strictly in conformity with the highest yield and calibration of all refining equipment within the stream. He has played several standout roles by speculating the energy price movement within the international market and address the issue with the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources (MPEMR) and related government entities for sustainable energy security

Mr. Alam has come up with the idea of production and marketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) manufacturing and bottling plant in Bangladesh. Considering the depleting reserve of Natural Gas and rapid economic growth resulting in a shift of living standard and urbanization, LP-gas shall be the lone alternative as fuel for domestic use. Mr. Alam worked on the consumption pattern, distribution network, and other risk factors of the industry

Mr. Alam is the elder son of Late Mr. Feroz Alam who was the founder Managing Director of Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd. He has completed Higher Diploma and graduation in Business Management from Malaysia

Nafis Kamal


Nafis Kamal is the Director of the Company. He is an expert of Textile and composite area of the Ready Made Garments industry. He served in the role of Chief Executive in the composite textile vertical. He has excellent command over administration, finance, and marketing and production area of business. He is directly engaged with the project implementation of LPG bottling plant and bottle manufacturing plant from the very beginning.

Faisal Alam


Mr. Faisal Alam is a Textile Engineer. By dint of his background, he has engaged himself in the operation of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd (CCKL) one of the composite textile units of the group. He has profusely adapted himself with the operation of the CCKL and contributes a lot in terms of several improvements in the textile operation area. He also has through understanding on commercial, finance, marketing and other related activities of the textile industry. His service is playing an important role for the operation of the company.

Asgar Haider


Asgar Haider is a Director of the Company. He is also the proud sponsor of several other companies of the group. He is a business graduate with an MBA from USA. He has been directly engaged in project implementation stage of Petromax LPG Ltd from the beginning. He possesses an insight of the Petroleum and energy product industry of the country. His service shall be instrumental at the project implementation as well as operation stage of LPG investment.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Petromax LPG is the first company to get the 1st operator license by fulfilling all the criteria of LPG business.

Petromax LPG Terminal, Mongla

Petromax LPG has started its operation since 2018 with the vision- partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh. Petromax LPG main terminal is located in Mongla, Khulna with state-of-the-art LPG import, storage, bottling, & distribution facilities. To serve the largest distribution networks across the nation Petromax LPG has 5500 MT storage facility in Mongla & a fully automated & high-capacity filling system.

This plant is fully equipped with advanced machinery imported from Belgium & Germany. Also, it has proudly secured Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence approved safety plan & world class firefighting system.

Petromax LPG storage tanks are connected to the automatic filling machine through a pipeline. The empty cylinders are unloaded on the conveyor belt and then input to the weightage system and transferred to the carousel filling line in a row. By 24-cylinder filling port, each cylinder is filled in a fully automated filling System. Safety caps and safety seals are then fitted. After all the process is completed, these LPG-filled cylinders go to the loading area and from there the cylinders move to different areas of the country.

Petromax LPG Terminal, Dhaka

Petromax LPG has succeeded to build its brand value in this industry within a short period of time and expanding in the LPG industry. With the consequence, Petromax LPG Dhaka plant started operation in 2019 & is located in Rupganj, Narayanganj. Petromax LPG Dhaka Plant has a state-of-the-art 1020 MT mounded LPG storage.

This plant is fully equipped with advanced machinery imported from Turkey & a fully automated & high-capacity filling system with 10-million-cylinder bottling capacity annually. To ensure proper safety, easy handling & loading of LPG-filled cylinders to the distribution trucks, only Petromax LPG Dhaka plant has the telescopic conveyor belt which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. 

Petromax Cylinders Limited

Petromax Cylinders Limited is a state-of-the-art international standard cylinder manufacturing plant at Tangail with a capacity of 1,100,000 units per year. Petromax Cylinders brought its technology & machineries from Turkey & Italy to ensure more automated work process. Petromax Cylinders follow UK approved world’s most stringent specification standard US DOT 4BA 240 for 12 KG cylinder & US DOT 4BW 240 for 35 kg cylinders manufacturing. It has it’s own quality assurance lab.

LPG Vessel

Petromax LPG Owns 2 LPG ships of 600 MT capacity for transporting LPG in bulk to uphold the rising demand. Petromax LPG ship has 38mm shell plate thickness which also can carry propane only. Using the advantage of Bangladesh river channels incessant and safe LPG is being transported to the Petromax LPG Mongla and Dhaka plant. As a result, the plant operation is being operated swiftly and the supply chain of Petromax LPG meets its accuracy.

Petromax LPG ships also got the Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), an international ship classification and certification for maintaining safety, environment protection and tackling issues affecting the maritime industry.

Road Tankers

For nationwide smooth distribution of bulk LPG in Petromax LPG Limited authorized Autogas Stations and Industrial Clients, Petromax LPG has LPG Road Tankers with 18MT capacity. Delivery of bulk LPG is being made within 12 hours inside Dhaka city and places around Dhaka. The lpg tankers are directly imported from Turkey with European standard & the mass flow meters used with it ensure accuracy and resolution of flow rate measurement.

Distribution Trucks

To meet LPG cylinder demand for households & commercial in nationwide market, Petromax LPG has several LPG cylinders carrying trucks for smooth and regular delivery. Using these cylinders carrying trucks, LPG cylinders are being carried from Petromax Cylinders Limited, Tangail to Petromax LPG Regional Distribution Centers, Dhaka and Mongla Plants.

Other Concerns

Associate Institutions

Youth Group has been affiliated with various other companies including financial service institutions, life insurance providers, non-profit organizations, CSR, etc.


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