LP Gas Dealership In Bangladesh: Make The Right Choice!

In Bangladesh, we have used traditional pipeline-based gas for a while now. However, due to increasing demand and shortage of supply, we cannot rely on that anymore. Among the alternatives, LPG has emerged as an effective choice.

The Declaration of LPG as the primary fuel has made the industry more competitive. Many prolific new companies have dived into the LPG space, making it difficult to decide on an LP gas dealership in Bangladesh.

Currently, there are more than 30 LPG bottling companies and industrial gas suppliers in Bangladesh. Each of those has different characteristics and approaches towards consumers and businesses.

So, whether you are a consumer or business personnel, you should be very careful while deciding on a supplier. You will need adequate domain knowledge about the LPG industry as well as a brief overview of what to look for.

In this article, we will serve you exactly that. We will start with a small depiction of LPG demand and industry. And later, we will dive into facts that you should consider while deciding on an LP gas supplier in Bangladesh.

LPG In High Demand!

As the end of the pipelined gas era is nearing, LPG is getting very popular for household as well as industrial use. The inconsistency of gas supply has forced many consumers and businesses to adapt to LPG.

Although the LPG demand has skyrocketed in the last few years. the supply has not proven to be adequate. The present demand for LPG hovers somewhere around 1 million tons. The total supply for LPG was also 1 million last year.

Currently, there is no shortage in the market, rather there is an oversupply crisis. The LPG industry being largely import-oriented is quite tough to control. Even after the price hikes, the demand for LPG keeps on growing.

Many households and industries have completely switched to LPG. So, the amount of LP gas dealerships in Bangladesh has increased significantly. Also, LPG companies are taking industrial gas supply into account as well.

The government is also encouraging new LPG companies. So, the emergence of more and more LPG companies and industrial gas suppliers in Bangladesh is expected in future years.

LP Gas Dealership In Bangladesh: Choose Wisely

As a regular consumer, you may wonder if it is that tough to pick a cylinder of LPG among a bunch. It doesn’t seem that much of a challenging task if you don’t think of the consequences.

However, when you look into the consequences of choosing the wrong one, it starts to make sense. If you don’t pay extra attention while choosing the right supplier for you, you may put yourself and your surroundings in danger.

Due to the increasing numbers of competitors in the market, deciding on a particular supplier is tough. When you are buying the gas in bulk from a dealer, it becomes tougher as you need to consider many attributes.

These attributes and characteristics help you to set the distributors apart from each other. As a consumer, it drives you to make more informed decisions.

And for businesses, the stakes remain higher than the consumer level. So, if you are looking for decent industrial gas suppliers in Bangladesh, you might want to consider the following factors.


Safety is the utmost priority while deciding on an LP gas dealership in Bangladesh.

So, never compromise with the safety of the cylinders. Before choosing a supplier you must tap into their LPG production procedure. Many companies are still lagging in using advanced technologies to ensure safety.

You should check if the company maintains international standards while manufacturing the cylinders or not. For 12 kg cylinders, DOT 4BA 240 and 35 kg cylinders, DOT 4BW 240 specification standards should be followed.

The raw materials used for manufacturing the cylinders should be scrutinized as well. The steel materials should be imported from reputed producers to ensure longevity. Also, the outer body thickness should be regulated.

Remember to check the valve quality as well as the anti-rust coating the manufacturers are using. Rusting can damage the integrity of the cylinder and a faulty valve can lead to very concerning gas leakage. 7 3


When it comes to LPG, reliability is very important. If the LPG doesn’t provide the perfect consistency, that may cause you an inefficient outcome. So, it is quite mandatory to opt for a reliable LPG provider.

Firstly, the LPG that the supplier is providing should be well regulated. In the mixing procedure of propane and butane gas, a standard ratio should be maintained. That will ensure consistent performance in energy production.

The company facility should be strictly quality controlled. It must have quality control and assurance process accreditation certificates from widely recognized institutions such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The cylinders or storage tankers by which the supplier sells LPG must have an MFG date and a re-test date. After the re-test date, the cylinders or storage tankers must go through a re-examination and reparation if needed.

Reliability should always be a key consideration factor for consumers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Without a reliable LPG supplier, your LPG use can prove to be inefficient and risky.


As already discussed, the LPG companies in Bangladesh don’t have enough supply of LPG to cater to the increasing demand. So, while choosing a dealership, you must find out the production capability of the supplier.

The higher the production capability of the supplier, the better the availability of their LPG in the market. So, you are less likely to miss out on supply as the supplier can easily meet your needs due to the higher storage facility.

Apart from the production and storage facility, the supplier should have multiple filling and distribution terminals. More distribution facility translates into ease of transportation and distribution of the LPG cylinders and tankers.

If the supplier has enough facilities and distribution to cater to your needs, you may consider taking a look at their historic supply amount. That will give you an idea about their consistency in meeting consumer and business demands.

You certainly don’t want to take a dealership or supply of LPG from a manufacturer who is not consistent with LPG availability. That may restrict you from LPG access in the long run.

Price & Facilities

The association of price with consumer and business purchase is constant. Whether you purchase an LPG cylinder or tanker for your household or industry, you have to consider the price for achieving monetary efficiency.

The price range of LPG cylinders is quite unpredictable. It fluctuates very frequently. (changes generally in every month based on international CP price) So, differentiating dealerships and suppliers based on price may not be that much helpful. But, you should always compare the available prices.

In recent days, the government itself regulates the price of LPG in the market. So, if you are a dealer of a certain LPG company, you should always try to go with the higher quality yet reasonably priced LPG cylinders.

However, the choice should largely be based on the facilities the suppliers provide. Many suppliers provide value-added services and extra incentives to consumers and businesses. You may consider those.

The trend of sales incentives for dealers and online purchases, free home delivery, etc. for consumers is being promoted lately. These are good facilities that as an informed customer you may want to grab.

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Industrial Gas Suppliers In Bangladesh

The idea of using LPG as the primary fuel has reached beyond the household borders. LPG use in the industrial arena has been booming for quite a while now. It has created big opportunities within the LPG industry in Bangladesh.

Industrial gas demand makes up a big chunk of the national LPG demand. That’s why any suppliers who produce LPG cylinders are now focusing on industrial solutions. They provide LPG in bulk to cater to the rising needs.

Almost every advanced LPG company is focusing on industrial gas now. Besides the consumer level demand, they have also catered to commercial needs by launching 30 kg and 35 kg gas cylinders.

Now, many of them are providing cylinder/tank bulk storage as well as connected/reticulated cylinder banks for large-scale industrial use. These initiatives from the LPG bottling companies have made LPG more accessible to different industries.

Some of the big names in the industrial gas supply arena are Petromax, Omera, Bashundhara, LAUGFS Gas, Totalgaz, Jamuna Gas, BM Energy, JMI, etc.

Out of all the options we have picked Petromax LPG Ltd. as our best pick.

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Why Petromax Is The Best Choice!

Petromax is a newer LPG company out of the bunch. However, it uses advanced technology and ensures safety, reliability, and trust. Its excellent quality and consistency set it apart from the other manufacturers.

Company Overview

To meet the growing demand of the energy sector in Bangladesh, Petromax LPG Ltd. has started its journey in 2018. It is a subsidiary of Youth Group that specializes in LPG Import, Storage, Bottling, and nationwide distribution.
Petromax has a storage capacity of in total 6500 metric tons and a bottling capacity of 10 million cylinders per year. Its main terminal is situated at Mongla, Bagerhat, and another plant is situated at Rupganj, Dhaka.

Petromax uses Two LPG ships (Logistics) to transport LPG from the main terminal to Dhaka plant 11 Bulk LPG Road Tanker for LPG distribution. They provide household, commercial, industrial, autogas services.


Petromax LPG Limited
Youth Tower, 822/2 Rokeya Sarani, 7th Floor,
Hotline: 09678-111000

Exceptional Commitment To Safety

Petromax puts consumer safety ahead of everything. To ensure safe and regulated LPG distribution it has constructed state-of-art filling, bottling, and distribution plants. They have one rule, which is no compromise with safety.

Petromax uses UK HSE Department-approved world’s most stringent specification standard LPG cylinders. The steels from which the cylinders are made are imported from Japan which adds an extra layer of trust.

It follows US DOT 4BA 240 for 12 kg cylinder manufacturing and DOT 4BW 240 for 35 kg cylinder according to the Department of Explosives, Bangladesh. This is the international standard cylinder specification for LPG distribution.

Petromax uses safety relief valves with a leak-proof needle which minimizes the probabilities of leakage to almost zero. Their hydrostatic, physical, weld tests are made as prescribed in DOT-4BA (HSE) as per the standard specification.

Its utmost priority to safety and trust makes it stand out among the rival brands. Regulating every process as per international standards makes it the safest choice if you are looking for an LPG supplier for your industry.

The Name You Can Rely On

In terms of reliability and quality, Petromax tops the chart. In its short journey in the LPG industry, Petromax has differentiated itself from the rest of the market by providing excellent quality and ease of use for the customers.

Petromax LPG is made from a perfect mixture of propane and butane. Thus, it provides consistent flame and heat when put into work. Its high-capacity filling facility is fully automated which ensures the accurate weight of the LPG.

The cylinders it uses for bottling purposes are of perfect thickness. The outer body thickness is measured as 2.65 mm for 12kg and 3.00 mm for 35 kg cylinders. It uses UL, EN, or ISO certified valves imported from Thailand.

Moreover, it uses zinc metallization and electrostatic polyester-based powder coating paint to avoid rusting and ensure durability. Each cylinder is stamped with the MFG date and retest date from the cylinder manufacturing plant.

The quality control & assurance process of the Petromax manufacturing facility is accredited by ISO 9007:2075 Quality Management System. Thus, Petromax LPG can be regarded as a highly reliable industrial gas supplier.

Availability and Wide Distribution Network

With its 6500 MT storage and 10 million cylinder bottling capacity, Petromax can easily produce over 100,000 metric tons of LPG every year. That is 10% of the national LPG demand in Bangladesh.

So, the availability of Petromax LPG is not something that consumers, small businesses or large industries will need to worry about. With the help of its plant in Dhaka and many regional distribution centers across the country, Petromax can easily distribute across the country.

It has 11 bulk LPG road tankers to cater to industrial needs. Petromax provides both bulk tank storage and reticulated cylinder banks for large-scale household as well as industrial use.

The distribution network of Petromax LPG is widespread as well. It has distributors, dealers, and retailers in every district & thana level of the country making it accessible to consumers.

Incentives and Facilities

Petromax is one of the pioneering LPG brands which are promoting value-added facilities for the dealers as well as consumers. It shows Petromax’s care for its distributors and consumers.

The brand has introduced a home delivery service of LPG cylinders keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. Moreover, Petromax is very active on social media communicating and engaging with its consumers and dealers.

They also have a dedicated customer service hotline for all queries & requests. Customers can communicate with them to get help with their problems and be benefitted from it.

Differentiating the LPG brands by price is not a viable option after the imposed government regulations. So, these small value-added gestures of care from a safe, reliable, and trustworthy brand become a deal maker.

Future of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

The prospect for both LPG consumers and dealers in upcoming years are forecasted to be very good. As the demand for LPG is skyrocketing, the business opportunities in the LPG industry are increasing at a rapid pace.

As the government intervention to control price hikes is being frequent in the LPG market, the market instability is decreasing. So, it is a piece of great news for LPG consumers. The less instability the less sudden price rise.

The govt. is also encouraging market entry for new LPG companies. The new companies with newer technology will focus on building native manufacturing facilities. So, the dealerships will be able to get LPG at a lower price.

The use of LPG in the automobile sector is sharply increasing. Autogas is on its way to becoming a huge LPG sector in upcoming years. Some of the LPG companies have already started marketing Autogas.

New entrants in the LPG industry are likely to tap into the rural demands as well. Better access to LPG will highly benefit the rural consumers, also create more opportunities for the dealers to conduct and expand their business.

Taking the overall picture into consideration, it can be said that LPG has great prospects going into the future. The expanding industry, dealerships, and demand are shaping LPG up as the primary and sustainable fuel for the future.


LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is a viable and long-term solution for the gas shortage we are experiencing. So, we can confidently say that we are moving towards a future where LPG will be the primary fuel in almost every aspect.

That is why we tried to inform you about things that you may want to consider while choosing a supplier. Our editors’ recommendation will be to pick up Petromax as they are the best LP gas dealership in Bangladesh right now.

However, as long as you are keeping safety, reliability, availability, price, and facilities in mind; you should be good to go. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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