Petromax LPG 12 KG (22mm)
Petromax LPG 35 KG
Petromax LPG 12 KG (20mm)
Petromax LPG 12 KG (22mm Refill)
Petromax LPG 35 KG (Refill)
Petromax LPG 12 KG (20mm Refill)

Safety Priority


UK HSE Department approved world's most stringent specification standard US DOT 4BA 240 is followed for 12 kg cylinder manufacturing & DOT 4BW 240 for 35 kg cylinder according to Department of Explosives, Bangladesh


The manufacturing facility's quality control & assurance process is accredited by ISO 9007:2075 Quality Management System


Imported UL, EN or ISO certified valve


Safety relief valve with leak-proof needle


Prime quality cylinder steel materials imported from Japan


Cylinder outer body thickness 2.65 mm for 12kg & 3.00 mm for 35 kg


Hydrostatic, physical, Welding tests are made as prescribed in DOT-4BA


Cylinder carried out with branded safety cap & security seal


Zinc metallization & electrostatic polyester-based powder coating paint to avoid rusting & ensure durability


Each cylinder stamped with Manufacturing date & re-test date


LPG has higher energy content compared to traditional fuels and burns in the presence of air giving off a hot flame. These characteristics have made LPG a popular fuel for domestic, commercial and industrial usage and as an alternative automotive fuel.

Domestic Solution




Autogas is the common name for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when it is used as fuel in the vehicle engines. It is being used widely in vehicles & getting popularity as the best alternative fuel for its significant advantages for an automobile engines.

Petromax LPG has a franchisee of AutoGas filling stations & conversion centers throughout the country.

LPG Cylinder Bank and Reticulated System

LPG Cylinder Bank & LPG Reticulated system are mechanisms where LPG is stored in cylinders and bulk storages at a safe location to be supplied to the end-users (i.e. Kitchen, industrial boiler & burner) through piping network. It ensures safety, convenience, uninterrupted supply & accurate gas-usage measured through meter reading.

LPG Supply from Cylinder Bank
LPG Supply from Bulk Storage

Safety Instruction

When Buying Your LPG

Please look for the manufacturing & retest date, which is marked on the collar of the cylinder and if the cylinder is more than 10 years past its stamped date, do not accept the cylinder.

Install cylinders only by authorized person or technical.

Use approved or certified quality regulator and hose-pipe.

Check that the cylinder has been delivered with the company seal and safety cap intact.  Do not accept the cylinder if the seal is broken.

Buy/refill from only authorized Distributors/Dealers.

When Using LP Gas Cylinders

Keep the windows open of your kitchen

Don't Store in a confined area

Keep the cylinder beneath the stove upward on the floor

Keep away from direct sunlight, rain or heat

Never Keep the cylinder in a sloped position

Never wear nylon clothes while cooking

Never light a matchstick or lighter to check leakage

Strong smell will indicate a leak

Use LP Gas burner for proper gas consumption

LPG Cylinder Maintenance

Apply soap solution on cylinder joints and hose pipes keeping the regulator attached. The appearance of soap bubbles indicates leak points.

If bubbles are forming, turn off the gas supply and the Main Switch. Move the cylinder to an open space.

Contact your dealer point immediately for any emergency assistance.

Never Use damaged/too long/loose hose pipe. Change it at least once in a year. Check the O-Ring is not damaged and the connection With the LPG cylinder and appliance is ok.


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