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    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an environmentally friendly energy source with many positive benefits. Petromax LPG has initiated this venture to meet the growing demand of the energy sector in Bangladesh. Petromax LPG is here with LPG Import, Storage, Bottling, and nationwide Distribution services for nationwide people’s everyday convenience. Petromax LPG is the company to get the first operator license by fulfilling all the criteria of LPG business in Bangladesh. With 6500 MT LPG storage facility, Petromax LPG is serving consistently the growing demand in the county.

    Petromax LPG Limited’s products come in 12 KG & 35 KG sizes to cater Industrial, Commercial & Domestic demand. Turnkey solutions are provided for Auto LPG stations. World’s most stringent specification standard US DOT 4BA 240 is followed for 12 kg cylinder manufacturing & DOT 4BW 240 for 35 KG cylinder according to Department of Explosives, Bangladesh. The European Standard fully automated and high-capacity filling system ensures accurate weight. Petromax LPG ensures reliable, consistent, and safe just-in-time delivery throughout the country by optimum logistic support through LPG Vessels, Road Tankers, Cylinder carrying trucks. By the largest, fastest and reliable distribution network of distributors, retailers and Autogas stations, petromax LPG ensures the availability of LPG in the market.


    Petromax LPG 12 KG (22mm)
    Petromax LPG 35 KG
    Petromax LPG 12 KG (20mm)
    Petromax LPG 12 KG (22mm Refill)
    Petromax LPG 35 KG (Refill)
    Petromax LPG 12 KG (20mm Refill)


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    Your need is our responsibility. just place an order here, we will deliver your desired Petromax LPG at your door step. Petromax LPG has one of the best distribution channels nationwide. Our valuable customers are our pride, we ensure home delivery within 4 hours nationwide.

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    The demand for LP gas in the country is growing consistently. Petromax LPG has one of the largest, fast and reliable distribution networks in the country which is expanding gradually. Also, this is the first company to be able to get the first operator license in Bangladesh.

    Join with Petromax LPG and become the Partner in progress for energy self-reliant Bangladesh.


    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in a liquefied form. It is a colorless, low carbon and highly efficient fuel. Supplied in two main forms, propane and butane. Typically stored in pressurized steel vessels such as gas bottles or bulk LPG tanks. LPG is odorless but a strong odor is added to it so that even a small leak can be easily detected. LPG has a range of uses in domestic, commercial & industrial sector.

    LPG is comprised primarily of propane and butane, whilst the natural gas primary constituent is methane. LPG is produced from and a continuation of natural gas processing and petroleum refining.

    LPG is better than natural gas because it has a higher energy content with a higher calorific value per unit which helps to provide more heat, it is portable and available everywhere. LPG is stored and distributed as a liquid under pressure in gas bottles or tanks vs natural gas in pipes. LPG vs natural gas appliances operate at different pressures. 

    Around 60% of the gas comes from the extraction of natural gas and oil from the earth. The other 40% is produced through the refining of crude oil. Therefore LPG is actually a by-product & now recognized as a versatile low-carbon fuel that can provide an exceptional amount of energy. 

    LPG is the best alternative fuel to conventional fuel nowadays worldwide. It gives the advantages of Faster cooking, Clean burning, Low maintenance, Environment friendly as low-carbon fuel, High efficiency for instant proper heat, Easy to handle & transport, Lesser Kitchen Temperature, Easily Available, Minimal space requirement in kitchen, Safe & Reliable, Cost-effective, Easy booking for a new connection or a refill.

    LPG has a wide variety of uses in households, commercial & industrial sector. Also, Auto LPG is a good alternative choice for your vehicle. LPG is used for numerous purpose like cooking, heating, power generation, farming, poultry brooding and rearing, crop drying, as an aerosol propellant and a refrigerant. LPG is widely used in civil engineering, metal industry, ceramic industry, textile industry, and glass industry.

    LPG is being used widely in vehicle & getting popularity as best alternative fuel for its significant advantages for automobile engine. Such as Auto LPG extends the engine life because of the absence of carbon deposits on the engine parts.  One  can  expect  Autogas  vehicles  to  have  twice  the  engine  life  than  that  on Petrol/Gasoline.

    Highly economical to run. Auto LPG vehicles can run 3 times the distance on a full tank as compared to CNG. Conversion is also easy & economical. LPG operated vehicle require less maintenance. LPG kits are safer because of significantly lower tank pressure as compared to CNG.

    Petromax LPG highly concerns about the superiority of the product and safety is our first priority. It has a technologically advanced LPG storage and refilling plant with a 6500 MT storage capacity. Our Cylinder Manufacturing Plant facility's quality control and assurance process are followed by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and Petromax LPG Cylinder is the UK HSE Department approved world's most stringent specification standard cylinder. Petromax LPG delivers proper heat, accurate weight, attractive color and availability across the nation.

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